• Method Repertoire
    Personally I am ok driving for 30 to 40 minutes; anything over that starts to seem like a long way. And given that there is the drive home again a longer drive might well mean more time in the car than up the tower.
  • Early recruitment poster
    Probably best not to think in terms of right and wrong, probably best just to think in terms of actions and consequences. The more you push up the commitment requirement the more you will probably reduce the pool of potential recruits.
  • Early recruitment poster
    On the one hand if teams are going to work you need a high level of commitment from members. On the other hand the requirement to commit and the existence of obligation will put (at least some, perhaps a lot) of people off.
  • Method Repertoire
    PPE methods were being rung before the break. I had had difficulty getting decent methods introduced until Mr Linford gave them legitimacy. But on the re-start why bother with Lincolnshire and Rutland? Why not Lessness and Cornwall? Unusually last night I rang the second to some Lincolnshire and had the full pleasure of both 27s and 28s in the five-pull dodges on the front.
    I think it reflects what seems to be a general tendency, at times of difficulty, to look back to the past and to try to perpetuate or recreate it rather than take the opportunity to take stock of where we are, have a bit of a rethink, and look forward rather than backwards; keeping the good and dumping the old baggage.
  • Method Repertoire
    ... a chink of light shines through the gloom...
  • CO2 Monitors
    Given the obvious problems in many places with providing adequate warm air ventilation I wonder if this approach might be suitable?
    It's been a bit cool this week. How has everyone been getting on with the windows open? From my very limited experience it has no been as bad as I thought it might. But there again I don't think it has been blowy and cold at the same time yet.
  • UK bellhanging firms
    Question (relating to things like cutting sockets and installing lifting beams) would you not just let the whole lot to a main contractor and let them sub out any bits that they did not fancy/could not do and make sure that the contract makes the main contractor responsible for setting the spec for, and monitoring, the subbies work, and paying them?
  • CO2 Monitors
    With winter coming on and with mechanical ventilation systems probably proving to be expensive/noisy/difficult to install any thoughts on air filters?
  • Rope spiders
    I recall a tower where there had been no problems with unauthorised access but a risk assessment required a spider. A spider was duly installed.

    Then someone got wacked on the head by the spider.
  • Take Up
    Forever thus. What has improved greatly is the availability of information. I learnt the bits of theory I know from Wilson and Powels' books initially and from many chats down the pub with ringers who know far more about it than I ever will. And a fair few more recent publications have helped too but these days if I read something on Monday I have forgotten it by Wednesday, if not before.
  • CO2 Monitors
    OK. I'll go with that. If we are looking to have ventilation good enough to keep CO2 to background levels my guess is that a lot of towers will struggle, particularly on calm* days.

    Anyone having a practice on Thursday or Friday evenings this week with all the windows open let us know how you get on.

    *That is a calm wind, not calm ringers.
  • CO2 Monitors
    Thank you for your post lan and the useful web page and interesting graphs. What are your thoughts about winter ringing?
  • CO2 Monitors
    Speaking as a keyboard warrior and not a qualified heating and ventilation engineer I don't think that absolute levels of CO2 are particularly the issue but more the rate of change. Might I suggest that if the rates are rising while we are in the RR then then ventilation is not adequate and if they are rising quickly then the ventilation is probably poor to near non existent.

    I have not heard much talk about mechanical ventilation but plenty of talk about opening things to let natural air flow do the trick.

    I guess (and it is only that) there are probably plenty of places where without mechanical ventilation the chances of getting adequate air flow are slim. Anyone have an informed view?

    And for the winter when I point out that it might be a bit nippy with all the windows open the general response seems to be that we will just need to wrap up. I am far from sure.

    I think we need to be looking and mechanical ventilation that warms the air. Just my guess. Any informed opinion on that?
  • Ringing Forums - Your thoughts?
    I have just got an alert that you posted the above. Can't remember how I set it up...
  • Ringing Forums - Your thoughts?
    I think that training and development (and I mean development throughout a ringers career) and they way that is structured and organised is a critical topic. And in that I include the training of teachers, formation of schools and long term school graduate support. We have had a good stab at primary education, we need to ring that through secondary and tertiary as well. Getting this right is critical to retention. This is not just about curriculum and training it is about structures.