• John Harrison
    For anyone who hasn't seen it before, I've just seen that Midsomer Murders 'Ring out your dead' is being shown again tonight on ITV3. The article about how we got involved with teaching the actors and then filming, as publisehd in RW is on my website, see: http://jaharrison.me.uk/New/Articles/RingOutDead.html
  • Nigel Goodship
    Thank you for the link to your very interesting and entertaining article. I remember watching this episode when it was first shown, but haven't seen it since. I've been teaching myself to double handle over the last few decades and I'm proud to say that once my local band came second in a 6 bell striking competition with only 5 of us in the band. :-)
  • Simon Linford
    Yes thank you John - that was very interesting and must have been great to have done. Midsummer Murders is just too long though!
    My only filming/ringing anecdote was when we were on a quarter peal tour as young ringers and we were about to start ringing a quarter at Chuchill (I think). A producer came in in panic and asked us how long we were going to ring for and we said an hour, at which point he got a wad of notes out and asked us how much we wanted. We accepted what was for teenagers untold wealth and we decided to miss that tower out.
  • John Harrison
    Midsomer Murders is long because it tells a quite complex story, woven around ringing but with many other strands. They oral minutes of ringing was quite short. Even so it took several hours of filming.
    The shortest TV show we were in was the BBC breakfast article about bellringing in Mike Bushel's series of sampling lots of different sports (according to Guinness Book of Records he has done more than anyone else). That lasted 5 minutes - short enough for you? And he said we would have an audience of 12 million over the four hourly showings. I gather there was a spike in learning to ring enquirers just after it but don't know if any stuck.
  • A J Barnfield
    I would have gone for the quarter...
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