• John Harrison
    Does anyone have experience of ringers being asked to use iKnowChurch?
  • Alison Hodge
    John - the answer to your specific question appears to be "NO"!

    I don't know your motive for asking, but what are the real benefits of this software over standard packages that many people will use routinely? It says that it was "recommended" by the Church of England in 2019 and 2020 so what happened in 2021 and 2022?

    A problem with many software packages is that they take a lot of time to customise for the specific organisation and after that individual users need to become familiar with how it works and that still takes effort and time. Even if a lead person in the church is a computer guru, many volunteers in churches may struggle to use different software - is it better that churches stick to using the standard software that many people use routinely and is available widely?

    Of course, with any software package, especially from specialist suppliers, there are always risks of the level of support, and conflicts when operating systems upgrade, not to mention take overs and mergers etc.

    Having said that, a central repository for information and customised features for church activities such as contacts and communications SHOULD reduce the the risks of data leaks etc. It would also aid handover when those involved change roles. But, as an example, will the email feature in the software be used, rather than private emails? In my experience with various Teams accounts, yet another account to log in and use can be helpful but also frustrating. Content can still be confused (unless you go to the extreme of separate accounts on a single PC, or even dedicated PCs.)

    Coming specifically to ringing - i wonder if you are expecting ringers to be users? Or perhaps you have already been asked to do so? As has been discussed elsewhere on this forum, the concept of "membership" of a particular church is not clear so whether the software would really be appropriate for ringers of that church and also the regular and irregular visitors, peal ringers, visiting bands etc would need careful investigation.

    Let's hear from others as well.
  • Barbara Le Gallez
    I had a quick look at the package, as this post intrigued me. I did not like the sound of iKnowChurch at all. It seemed very controlling and invasive of privacy, e.g. "have oversight of your church people", "ensure no church visitor or member goes unnoticed", "Centralise all your church communication".
  • Alan C
    iKnow Church is a software package to ease administration for those who have that responsibility.
  • DRJA Dewar
    Sounds ghastly. I'd avoid it.
    (As an ex-IT person, now thankfully away from all that, I use VERY few 'apps'.)
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