• Simon Linford
    I have just published my latest blog here:


    1000 words covering
    - North West Ringing Course thoughts
    - Bursaries for residential courses
    - 50,000+ likes for a young ringers’ TikTok video
    - Mobile Belfry progress
    - Ringing heavy bells courses
    - Branding and marketing of ringing
    - Birmingham Bull and Olympic Bell
    - Murder mystery in Tunbridge Wells
  • Alan C
    The Charmborough ring was put to good use on the course and participants were also supportive of the concept of the new Mobile Belfry. I went to see it last week as the structure has been completed and the first bell had been hung for ringing. I will go to Loughborough again this week as progress is quick now. A few donations have come in from towers, with the tower name to go on the donors plaque.

    Surely most towers have funds that could cover a £25 donation to get your band's name on the belfry?
  • Nigel Goodship
    I couldn't agree more about well appointed ringing rooms. I consider this a major factor in helping to recruit and retain ringers. I think it's not just about the items and facilities in the ringing room, but also how clean, tidy and well decorated it is. Who wants to spend their evenings in a dusty, gloomy, untidy ringing room? Wherever possible, the ringing room should be as clean, tidy, well lit and as well decorated as an average living room. Basically just look around the ringing room and ask "Is this a pleasant and comfortable place to be?" Does it seem inviting when you walk in? If not, what could be changed to improve things? Perhaps just a general clean and tidy, some wax polish on any woodwork, a new carpet? Of course, every ringing room is different but I've rarely seen one that hasn't got room for improvement.
  • Simon Linford
    That's right, and because we see the same room week in, week out, I think we mentally filter out all the bad bits.
  • Alison Hodge
    The Oxford Guild have a well established score sheet for the equivalent of your "... well appointed ringing room... " - This is not a new idea so it would be worth contacting the PDG for their experiences of using this for many years.
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