• Oliver Lee
    dear all, I'm not sure if anyone has ever been in a situation like this but I am unfortunately in the sad position of having no regular ringing at my home tower due to the fact that most of the previous band now ring at another tower, this started about a year ago when our tower became ill but since he has recovered there has been no resumption of practices nor does it seem likely that this will ever happen under the current regime. the current excuses given are because the bells are on hastings stays but this seems like a very poor reason for stopping ringing, I was wondering if anyone might have some advice as it leaves me without a proper home tower and It has really started to bother me.
    oliver lee
    Harlow Essex
  • A J Barnfield
    Don't worry about it. I haven't had a home tower for years. If it is ringing that you are interested in go where the ringing is. Looks like that is what everyone else has done.
  • Simon Linford
    Have you spoken to the District Master about it?
    There is not a lot you can do about it if the person in charge does not want to hold practices. If the incumbent wants the bells rung then they have the right to appoint a different tower captain. It might sound ruthless but there is precedent.
    Following on from AJ's comment, lots of people's 'home tower' is not the one that is closest to their home, but the one at which they feel most at home, where their ringing needs are looked after and they are valued. Sounds like you need to find that home.
  • John de Overa
    I don't think "poached" is right, they'll just have moved somewhere where they preferred to ring - there are more bells than there are ringers, so people can choose. As Simon says, the incumbent has the legal power to appoint a new TC, in fact TCs are supposed to be approved by the Incumbent although that doesn't always happen.

    Have you talked to the ringers who moved? If they aren't interested in coming back even with new leadership then I don't think there's much you can do, other than join them.
  • Tristan Lockheart
    Certainly, I would be strongly tempted to speak to the incumbent, particularly if alternative towers would impact the recruitment/retention of ringers only. Incumbents can, in my experience, be blissfully unaware of ringing-related goings on, and ringing officials can become too set in their ways to change to meet current needs.
  • Alan C

    It sounds as though you value your home tower and would like to see it rise from the ashes.

    Good luck in your efforts :smile:
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