• John Harrison
    Alison just called out a discussion for having drifted from one topic to another, and suggested creating a new one to continue. But that would lose the connection with the discussion so far.
    AFIA one of the aims of Ringing Forums was to provide coherent archives of discussion, as well as a for the discussions themselves, and that coherence is broken by both topic change within thread, and by switching mid discussion to a new thread under a separate (albeit more relevant) topic.
    Human nature means that people will continue to go off at tangents in discussion, even if we remind them about starting new threads under a relevant heading, so is there a way to 'repair' the broken discussions that will continue?
    When I was running NRT (Network for Ringing Training) someone used to produce a periodic digest of the email discussions. Initially that was for the benefit of people not on the email list but it became very useful as an archive with the 'noise' filtered out and, relevant here, with the information restructured under correct headings. I'm not suggesting we do the same, but I wonder if there is a mechanism that would enable an admin to 'cut' part of a discussion thread and 'paste' it under a new heading. It would only need doing occasionally but it would.enhance the quality of the archive.
  • John Harrison
    As there was no response to thus, do I assume that the answer is that there is no mechanism that would support an admin lifting an off topic part of a thread under a new, more appropriate, topic heading.
  • Graham John
    The moderation tools are limited to editing or deleting posts. However, it is easy enough for anyone to start a new discussion and then add a comment to the original discussion saying:

    ... continuing on Forum management or whichever discussion it is (using a link).
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