• Graham John
    The 50,000th composition has now been published on Complib, just 15 months ago after the 40,000th. It continues to demonstrate the value of Complib providing self-publication, as well as being the 'go to' site for any composer, conductor or method ringer's needs.

    The compositions have been submitted by almost 250 contributors and I would like to thank all those who have been working their way through published collections to make Complib as complete as possible, as well as those who have been adding their own work. In particular, the following people have published more than 750 compositions: Robert Brown (4931), Simon Bond (4805), David Thomas (4762), Matthew Johnson (2891), Graham John (2740), Phillip Barnes (2011), David Wilson (1250), Andrew Johnson (1228), Michael Maughan (1156), David Hull (1113) and Mark Eccleston (753).

    The work of enhancing Complib continues, and in the last year this has included support for mixed stage compositions, calls that can alter the length of a lead, jump methods and jump calls, music highlighting in blue line view, a process for posting and responding to requests for new compositions, and the display of course lengths.

    In conjunction with an exercise led by Martin Whiteley to compile a list of all towerbell peals over 10,000 changes and record them on BellBoard, Complib has been capturing all the long length compositions used. These can be seen in the Complib reports of Long lengths by method and Multi-method long lengths by stage. If anyone can provide any of those compositions missing from the lists, please help by adding them with a link to the BellBoard performance, or by letting us know the source.

    It continues to be free to register, use and contribute to complib.org.
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