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About Started to ring in 1971 at SouthamptonUniversity, learning to handle a bell within about two hours one Wednesday evening, and later failed to celebrate my ringing half-century within the accursed-virus-pause. Served as Guild President 2000-03.

Rang a peal for the Guild within my second full calendar-year as a ringer: first peal as conductor for the conductor, and first peal for the rest of the band. Most Methods. As in "most-methods-ever-rung by anybody in a standard-length peal". Pretty-cool-performance we all thought: the Central Council disliked some of the methods and didn't include the peal in its annual analysis.

Resolved not to ring another peal until the Council altered its views, and kept to that for fifteen years: "We've met one short for the hundredth peal in the tower, on the hundredth anniversary of consecration and Robin has flown three thousand miles to be here. I know you don't ring peals but ..." So I did. Three first-peals with ringers whom I have taught to handle a bell, Sunday-service-band, a family-peal, one I composed on a walk... and I've drifted into double-figures over the years. ...

... During which I have watched the deliberations of said Council from afar, sometimes with amusement, as it stuggled to define what was a method within a peal. Non-Method-Blocks were a particular daftness-highlight. With CRAG-reforms, I was part of the group defining the new Method Framework, which allows those previously-disputed Doubles methods to be added to the Method library. My RW articles here.

Joined the Council as representative from the Yorkshire Association in 2020, and for two years my fellow-members were within small squares on a screen.

My Bellboard performances are here, and have rung for the last forty years at Ranmoor
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