• Simon Linford

    1000 words covering
    - Final CC weekend preparations (and good news for chainsaw owners)
    - Appointment of Helen Fuller-Whelan as new CCCBR Safeguarding Officer
    - Numbers of ringing parents
    - Appointment of Yellowyoyo to support branding and marketing project
    - Recruitment success in South Yorkshire
    - ART’s offer to university societies to help recruitment and training
    - Providing a summary of the Central Council meeting report
    - V&L workgroup to take on listening and striking project
    - Looking at the Forward Plan
  • A J Barnfield
    Is "a bit disjointed" a euphemism for structural shambles? Very perceptive of them. Perhaps they can sort it out?
  • A J Barnfield
    Here we go: From Yellowyoyo web site. "You’re an ambitious business leader.
    You want a strong brand that’s ready for sustainable growth, a successful legacy and exit*
    Our experienced guidance, proven scaling process and creativity will get you there."

    Well I never.
  • A J Barnfield
    I can see that a consultancy firm could be of help with branding and marketing but first the product has to be sorted out; and we have more than a way to go with that.

    The branding and marketing has to match with reality.
  • Alan C
    If you try to impose a top down structure on a bottom up activity, I foresee a whole new set of problems.

    Like any voluntary pastime, you can't dictate, just lead and guide.
  • PeterScott
    https://cccbr.org.uk/2022/08/31/presidents-blog-67/We have been told that we should not give up on the idea of a single direct membership organisation for ringing just because it looks too difficultSimon Linford

    Excellent thought. The CC meetings at Edinburgh and Lancaster adopted the CRAG reforms, which were a package of visionary alterations, with an ambitious plan. This package included the much-more-powerful Executive, taking on most of the powers of the old CC; a new name for the Central Ringing Organisation to help an expanded membership relate to and understand the new organisation; the direct membership; the smaller and quicker annual meetings; ...

    The vision is intact: the timetable has slipped, and had done before the AccursedVirus. Even so, we have a small step this year towards a direct relationship for each ringer and the Central Organisation, in deciding on the 20p-per-ringer affiliation fee. Each affiliated organisation ought to be working out for which individual ringers it is making its payments. ...

    ... and that will create an incentive to justify to each individual ringer that the CC's work is valuable to them. There needs to be an opt-out, firstly for those who take a different view of the CC's value, and secondly for those who prefer their Central relationship to be managed by another ringing organisation (for example the Ancient Society or the Welsh Colleges). It will need the Executive to use its powers to change some Standing Orders to implement this one-ringer-one-relationship idea: that in itself will reduce the (currently artificially inflated) total-affiliated numbers, and hence the size of the annual meetings. Now we have Smaller Societies, there is no need for affiliated organisations to be worried about completely falling-out of the Central relationship ...

    marketing and branding agency YellowyoyoSimon Linford
    Gosh, maybe they could help all this despite their silly name ...
  • A J Barnfield
    "Gosh, maybe they could help all this despite their silly name ..."

    Maybe. But the problem is not in coming up with possible structural models, banding or marketing. It is with implementation. When I see significant and widespread change on the ground I will believe.

    I won't be all all impressed if they end up saying "we told you what to do but you did not do it."

    Some of us have been dishing out free advice for years.
  • Nigel Goodship
    - V&L workgroup to take on listening and striking project

    May I take this opportunity to mention Julian Back’s excellent web app: tadhill.com/ringing . I have been using this for many years to improve my own listening skills and to help others improve theirs.

    To begin with, I would suggest setting the bell sounds to Crediton, both the minimum and maximum number of errors to zero and the method to rounds. (Look in Settings for most of these.) With these settings, the Listening section rings perfect rounds and you can move the sliders to create striking errors. This allows you to “see” as well as hear the errors. I find this can sometimes be an interesting exercise during a practice. Set up one or two medium size errors, let everyone listen for a minute and then ask each person in turn what the errors are. They need to give three pieces of information for each error: which bell(s), handstroke or backstroke, early or late. When everyone has given their answers show them the screen so they can “see” the answer(s). Then let everyone listen again before changing the errors for another go.

    For personal practice, set the minimum and maximum errors to non-zero values and the app will introduce some errors into the rounds. You then move the sliders to undo those errors, so the sliders end up showing the opposite of what the initial errors were.

    There are other settings to explore and other ways to use the app.

    It will be interesting to see what the V&L group come up with by way of a listening skills app but in the meantime I strongly recommend tadhill.com/ringing.
  • PeterScott
    Gosh, maybe they could help all this despite their silly name ...PeterScott

    Mentioned at the Central Council meetining this afternoon that the Yellowyoyo project could include the new name and branding for CCCBR.

    RINGING-A-GO-GO , maybe ??

    You read it here first. :-)
  • Simon Linford
    when I first suggested the listening skills app to Graham John, now the former leader of the Technical workgroup, he did some reseach and found tadhill.com/ringing and he got in touch with Julian Back who had constructive contribution to the potential app.

    We stalled a bit on this one but the new workgroup leader is picking this up because I spoke to her yesterday about it. She has a developer in mind.
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