• PeterScott
    As I said last week, these MethodLibraryUpdates are usually lonely :-) and it's a brilliant resource to have the methods on Complib, just a click away from a diagram. As my local tower doesn't have the resources to select one of the new methods every week as a challenge for practice night, I'll have to be satisfied with clicking-from-my armchair ...

    I was taken by Henry Bemrose Bob which is a new, forward, Plain Major method with no more than two blows in a place. It has a normal seven-lead plain course, and it would be a really ordinary (regular) method, except that doesn't have Plain Bob leadends ..
    Its name comes from the performance on Friday 13 January 2023 of 1296 changes at St Peter Derby
    Named after Sir Henry Howe Bemrose, [19 November 1827 to 4 May1911], donor of the treble bell in this tower.

    Looking at the blueline, it has two-bell work at the front, equivalent to five dodges: looking at Complib's Trivial Variations, there is the link to the five-dodges method Robert Baker Chambers Bob Major, which was first rung and named by the same band in their performance on Friday 25 March 2022, also of 1296 changes.
    [Born on 5 January 1850, Robert Baker Chambers] was secretary of the committee responsible for the rebuilding of the tower in 1898, and donated the second bell along with his fellow churchwarden .... He was not a ringer but served as President of the Midland Counties Association of Change Ringers from 1920 until his death [on 18 April 1929]

    Comparing this method with St Clement's College Bob Major, the difference is a 14 instead of a 18 as the treble passes between 2nds and 3rds place. Ringing the methods together, it would be possible to leave the St Clement's plain course without a bob, so a hour with pencil and squared paper creates a quarter peal composition with changes-of-method but no other calls.

    2345678 1280 Plain Major: St Clements and Robert Baker Chambers, 29c.o.m
    5634278 SSSRSSS
    4263578 SSSRSSS
    5623478 SR
    four times repeated

    Complib kindly checked its truth for me: sadly I couldn't nudge it to a course-layout similar to the above. (see here - the "7A", which it wrote for itself, has confused it somehow. Hmmmmm).

    To return to where we started, the composition also works to Henry Bemrose Bob and Fielden Bob Major (which is St Clements with the HB-frontwork).
  • Graham John
    sadly I couldn't nudge it to a course-layout similar to the above.PeterScott

    I have improved the layout in Complib (no calls compositions need a bit of help to format neatly).
  • PeterScott
    I have improved the layout in Complib (no calls compositions need a bit of help to format neatly).Graham John
    Yes thanks, I wonder if that's a class of compositions that there would be any interest in searching for ??

    And to correct my mention of Forward methods posted above:
    Forward methods: Not-forward methods:
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