• Simon Linford
    Latest blog has just been published here. Slight delay as I wanted to wait for the Bluebell’s Challenge web page to be updated.


    1000 words covering

    - Bluebell’s Challenge badge for Guides and Scouts
    - Ring for the King publicity
    - Discovery workshop with Yellowyoyo on the branding project
    - Call change competition ringing up and down
    - Searching for a home for the Cummins ringing machines
    - Associated Press filming young ringers
    - Brian Harris’ 90th Birthday celebrations
  • Steve Pilfold
    An interesting read as ever, thanks @Simon Linford.

    RE Bluebell's Challenge, when I initially read about this it didn't have "The Challenge is open to all Young Ringers, Girlguiding and Scout Association members." in the opening paragraph, so I thought for Girlguiding it was only for the "Guides" (and not the younger sections, ie Rainbows and Brownies). Well done for adding this whoever thought to do it, you've potentially gained two participants as a result (see below)! :clap:

    I had missed the bit about "all sections" in the PDF, or I maybe read it as meaning "all (local) units" rather than the age bands. Maybe we should say "of all ages", as "sections" seems to be a bit jargonny? Even in your post above Simon I read "for Guides and Scouts" as being the 10 years old plus members.

    My youngest daughter is just about to go from Rainbows to Brownies, so I will try and encourage her to do this - being the diddiest girl in her class, there is no way she could realistically learn to ring tower bells at the moment, but this will hopefully be a good introduction. (her big sister, who does occasionally come out and do some backstrokes and occasional handstrokes with the Sussex Young Ringers has just aged out from Brownies and isn't going up to Guides, but does like a badge, so maybe I can convince her to do this one as a young ringer!)
  • Simon Linford
    I'll have a chat with Colin Newman when I next see him as he has been leading the work with these groups - I'll get this to read this @Mr Colin G Newman. I struggle myself with knowing exactly how to describe Scouts and Guides now, given 'Girlguiding' is now the term used. All those of a certain age know what Scouts and Guides means, but I am not quite sure what is technically correct.
  • John Harrison
    am not quite sure what is technically correct.Simon Linford

    If you want to be inclusive you could refer to 'youth organisations'. I assume they would take that to include them.
  • Richard Pargeter
    A positive cornucopia of ideas! Two minor comments:
    First, the Loughborough Bell Foundry link takes me to their page, but with a '404' error.
    Second, as I got further down, the fact that going to a link and then returning always took me to the top of the page (rather than where I had left off) became increasingly more irritating! Right clicking, and then opening in a new tab overcomes that problem.
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