• Simon Linford
    First of all, just looking where to post this there are categories for different aspects of method ringing but nothing for call changes. Maybe there will be soon.

    As I have introduced in my Blog, here are the first four chapters of a new eBook on closed handstroke lead call change ringing. I hope that it will inspire other bands outside the South West of England to develop and enjoy this ringing style.

    More chapters will follow in due course!
  • Simon Linford
    Hmmm, not bad I suppose

    Question is then, if you are marking faults, how many did you spot?
    2nd is quick at backstroke occasionally, e.g. just before the lower, but I'm splitting hairs
  • A J Barnfield
    I was going to make a few comments but while I was thinking about it You Tube popped this up. I stopped it after very short time. The contrast was too distressing.

  • Simon Chadwick
    Simon there is a broken link on the acknowledgements page, you need to remove the www from the link to Bryn Reinstadler's ebook.

    Its really good, I would get a printed copy if you ever publish it. I did a lot of work in St Andrews with calling and ringing the "old peals on five bells" from Tintinnalogia, sometimes trying to do the entire sequence with a call every handstroke.
  • Simon Linford
    Thanks I'll sort

    If we tried to do a print version of this, how would you deal with the links to video content? Would you still point the reader to video content so they can watch, maybe with a specific accompanying website, or would the book have to function entirely as offline content? You'll appreciate having read it now that it benefits from this video content, but there is probably still valuable content without it.
  • John de Overa
    You could do a halfway house and publish it in PDF or an eBook format. That would allow it to be saved on a phone and still used when there's little/no signal. PDF would preserve the video links, for when there is a signal. And it's possible to get a PDF printed as a book quite cheaply online - one site quoted me less than £5 for a one-off print.

    I've done a very rough and ready conversion of the web pages to PDF, link below. Ideally you'd take the existing content and author it directly into EBook format using something like Calibre, which is free.
    DevonCallChanges (701K)
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