• Alison Hodge
    Now that covid restrictions have been relaxed considerably, what is the pattern of ringing organised by ringing societies / guilds and their branches / districts?

    Have they returned to the traditional quarterly meetings face to face, or are they virtual or hybrid meetings? Ringing, service, tea, business meeting, ringing?

    Or is a different pattern emerging, perhaps with different types of event, so that people can meet together again socially? Are numbers participating back to former levels or are people still hesitant about mixing?
  • Nick Lawrence
    Everything back to normal in the Dorset County Association, although attendance numbers are slight down.
  • A J Barnfield
    From my very limited view of the world the push is to get back to the old [pre pandemic] normal, which to a large degree is happening. Not much sign of steps to address the crisis in method ringing. [crisis, what crisis?]
  • Simon Linford
    There are quite a few territorial associations which are taking a long hard look at their purpose or structure. Carlisle DG has had a major reststructuring and others are thinking about it or doing it as well. The St Martin's Guild did it a while ago and no longer has the 'traditional' form of ringing meeting described above.
  • A J Barnfield
    Any chance of the Carlisle DG writing up an article for the RW? Some more positive examples of where restructuring has taken place, with perhaps a bit of a nudge from the CCCBR, might encourage some of the others.
  • Tristan Lockheart
    Is it time for a more local approach? I hesitate to suggest adding another level to the hierarchy, but clusters/sectors may be what is needed to provide progression opportunities on a local level without leading to excessive centralisation of the upper talent in a small number of towers nationally. More formal organisation of clusters/sectors could lead to a greater understanding of their activities and greater buy-in.
  • A J Barnfield
    I would take out branches. Have clusters of towers for the day to day running and social stuff and the association sorting ot T&D for method ringing with some social stuff thrown in.
  • Tristan Lockheart
    Yes, although I would suggest that you could retain the branches as geographical entities and as sub units for the purposes of district masters and sub masters who could act as area coordinators (particularly for the guilds with many towers and a broad area such as Yorkshire).
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