• Simon Linford
    Do experienced Grandsire Triples conductors transpose and use coursing orders, or some other technique for keeping ringing right more prevalent? While I have called plenty of quarters (usually the same one) I have never got round to bothering wtiht he coursing order as it hasn't seemed to add enough value compared with just using instinct and quick reactions for the effort it would take to follow.
  • John Harrison
    not sure I would call myself experienced but I've called plenty of G7, usually the same quarter composition. I use coursing order but not the full order that change every lead. So the plain course has CO 5346 (2). The hunt bell is in brackets. The transpositions for positions that don't affect the 7 are easy and operate on a different pair (plus hunt bell) similar to the way they do in Major. Transpositions when the 7 goes in and out of the hunt are a bit more fiddly, which is why I prefer to keep 7 out of the hunt. I think I wrote it up in the conducting chapter of THB, which is on my website.
  • Elaine Scott
    I have just discovered this article by Simon Gay on conducting Stedman


    Now all I need to do is understand it!
  • PeterScott
    Do experienced Grandsire Triples conductors transpose and use coursing ordersSimon Linford
    I've lots of experience in calling GT quarters that don't come round :-(

    So the plain course has CO 5346 (2). The hunt bell is in bracketsJohn Harrison
    Anyway, I think of the CO as 53(2)46 and that makes (some of) the transpositions similar to PB8.

    JohnHeaton here expounds a similar idea. He names a 2dodge67v as "Middle" and 2dodge45^ as "Wrong". Does anybody else do that? It has the advantage that the PB8 transpositions work on the same sets of bells, with a cycling to CAB (instead of BCA in PB8).
  • Simon Meyer
    I do follow the coursing order. If you know the composition well, this has the added bonus that, if you wake up part way through and can't remember where you are in the composition, you can work out what to call from the coursing order.
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