• Simon Linford
    The Council's Covid guidance team met last night for the first time for quite a long time because we think some updated guidance is needed. This is particularly because of anecdotal evidence that some towers are still more locked down than they might be, either from cautious, vicars, PCCs, tower captains, or other influences. We want to develop some sort of "Resposible ringing over the winter" guidance, given this is a time when we will be ringing with less ventilation because it is cold.

    Are there any aspects of ringing with the current Covid levels that need particular clarification?
  • Sue Marsden
    When the guidance was first relaxed, there was a sentence saying that if you were undertaking a physical activity and felt that wearing a mask would make this difficult, this could be claimed as an exemption but I can't find this any more. Is it no longer the case? Several churches I know insist on masks even if it is a peal or quarter peal with no-one else in the church. One has now relaxed this (though we have to put a sign on the door saying it's 'no longer a covid-secure area'. I can understand the need for masks if there is a large group of ringers, and if it's a ground floor ring with members of the congregation present, but if it's just 6 or 8 ringers and there is sufficiant ventilation, I think that the band should be allowed to decide for themselves. And if the church have a policy on wearing masks and someone is unable to ring wearing one, can they claim an excemption?
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